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New research can help policymakers prioritise funding needs and allocate resource for cancer

The study found that 61% of all SPED trials focused on just three cancer types – colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer.
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RAPID-RT: New study aims to improve survival rates for lung cancer patients

The trial aims to identify whether sparing the top of the heart during radiotherapy can help patients with lung cancer live longer.
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DETERMINE trial recognised at Life Science industry awards

The clinical trial project won the Bionow Healthcare Project of the Year Award for their innovative multi-drug pan-cancer platform trial that is helping to find new treatments for rare cancers.
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Scientists advance dream of targeted real time treatment of hypoxic cancers

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The Christie trials pioneering pre-surgery treatment for brain tumours

The POBIG study represents an important and significant milestone in brain cancer research
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World-leading Ewing sarcoma clinical trial receives extra funding

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Targeting variant of common protein may dramatically boost effectiveness of breast cancer treatment

A rare variant of a protein present in nearly all human cells may hold the key to improving the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment, according to University of Manchester research funded by Breast Cancer Now.
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How can we encourage the UK public to stop indoor tanning?

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Gene mutations should be tested routinely for ovarian cancer, say scientists

Scientists from The University of Manchester have shown that testing for two gene families linked to a lifetime epithelial ovarian cancer risk of between 5% and 20% has a much higher than expected detection rate.
Manchester Cancer Research Centre -
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Guidelines on breast cancer surgery need revision, find researchers

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Scientists unlock potential for a small cell lung cancer blood test

A study led by CRUK Manchester Institute has focused on a new sensitive blood test to detect, characterise and monitor Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC), the most aggressive form of lung cancer.
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Study identifies best treatment for rare childhood cancer


The ALETHEIA framework in radiation oncology

Dr Marianne Aznar explains the ALETHEIA Framework, an AI toolkit developed by Rolls-Royce, and how it is being applied to radiation oncology
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Cancer researchers across the UK join forces to find drugs for rare cancers

DETERMINE is the first UK national precision medicine trial in rare cancers, testing a range of therapies specifically targeting key genetic changes in cancer cells.
Manchester Cancer Research Centre -

Page 1-14 of 29 items