Our Vision

Uniting science and driving clinical excellence to create a cancer free future

Exterior Oglesby Cancer Research Building

The MCRC is a world-leading research partnership founded by The University of Manchester, Cancer Research UK and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, and is responsible for driving a consistent and integrated strategy for cancer research and innovation in Manchester. Our vision is grand, our mission bold, but our resolution to achieve our goal is firm.

OCRB side at night

The MCRC has a vision that by uniting science and driving clinical excellence we will create a future free from the burden of cancer.

Precision medicine for all

In order to achieve our vision, we need to ensure precision treatments and medicines are equitable and embrace the diversity of our entire population. The MCRC will lead in the development of precision prevention and early detection and precision medicine strategies that enable cancer to be identified earlier and curative treatments to be delivered to everyone.

Our aim is to unite science and clinical care by leveraging our synergistic, team-building experience, to break down research silos and enable interdisciplinary and inter-organisational collaboration.

By enabling out-of-the-box thinking and creating opportunities for collaboration, we can unite and translate the basic and discovery scientific innovations performed in state-of-the-art laboratories with novel patient treatments that change lives and influence clinical practice.

Pioneering Impactful Research

As a world-leading cancer research partnership, we have influenced clinical practice in the UK and across the world, changing the lives of people affected by cancer.

We empower the next-generation of cancer leaders, and champion cross discipline science that offers individuals the opportunities to excel and become the future cancer research leaders.

Our vision is possible in Manchester, benefiting from the close partnership between The University of Manchester, Cancer Research UK, and The Christie, alongside our affiliated trusts Manchester University and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trusts all set within the unique Manchester devolved healthcare system.

Through uniting the best and brightest academic minds with the world-class, state-of-the-art facilities in Manchester, we will create a cancer free future.


Professor Robert Bristow presenting at a Town Hall

Paterson Redevelopment Project

We have a unique opportunity to create one of the top cancer research centres in the world, right in the heart of Manchester. This new facility will help to transform patient outcomes through integrated advances in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.

Our Partners

Find out more about the MCRC partners, The University of Manchester, Cancer Research UK, The Christie, MFT and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trusts.


Discover a selection of cancer research resources from the MCRC, including annual reports, brochures, as well as resources from our partners that showcase Manchester’s cancer research strengths.

Driving Cancer Team Science: Our Research Strategy

Cancer is a global challenge and requires a plan built around collaboration and Team Science to beat it.


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Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles that define the way we work each day. They are at the core of our research activities and act as the bedrock of the MCRC upon which our Vision and Mission have been forged.

Our Leadership and Strategic Team

Find out more about the leadership team and strategic operations team at the MCRC and how we work together with our partners to achieve our vision.

Our Impact

At the MCRC, we’re committed to delivering impactful research that influences the scientific and clinical delivery of cancer research.