Commercialising Research

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Commercialising our research is one of the main ways we want to accelerate the translation of research from the bench to the bedside. By nurturing ideas from inception to commercial property, we can create viable routes to fund our vital research, and shorten the time taken for discoveries to benefit patients.

Industry Engagement

We understand the importance of industry engagement, whether this is through sponsorship of clinical trials, collaborating to develop intellectual property, accelerating production, knowledge exchange, or developing spin-out organisations. Industry engagement can help to accelerate the discovery and development process, accelerating the transition of breakthroughs from the bench to the bedside.


At the MCRC, we pride ourselves on our work with industry. We work closely with the Cancer Research UK Commercial Partnerships team as well as The University of Manchester Innovation Factory to nurture and develop industrial collaborations from inception to viable commercial project of industrial collaboration.


In collaboration with our partners, we have numerous examples of how we work successfully with various industrial organisations, from small-medium enterprise and start out companies to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Examples of our collaborations include:

  • ManTra DX a spin-out organisation that has developed tumour-site-specific gene expression signatures to assess hypoxia
  • The Alderley Park Oncology Development Programme that provides opportunities to researchers to commercialise research
  • The Innovate Manchester Advanced Therapy Centre Hub (iMATCH) a partnership of nine commercial partners as well as The Christie, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Manchester

Alderley Park Oncology Development Programme

The MCRC is a partner in the Alderley Park Oncology Development Programme, a national programme designed to develop and progress start-up oncology projects.


The programme is funded by both Cancer Research UK and Innovate UK and supported by a unique collaboration between AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, the MCRC and Medicines Discovery Catapult representing global big Pharma and research institutions.


Find out more on the Alderley Park Oncology Development Programme website.

Aerial overview of Alderley Park, current home to the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute

The programme is separated into four parts.

Initially, approximately 30 projects will be selected to attend a three-day Pre-Development Workshop. Following the workshop, eight projects will then be chosen to receive up to £60,000 of grant funding to enable them to join the full development programme. Phase 1 will consist of an extensive programme run by the Alderley Park Accelerator and will focus on using established business start-up methodologies and tools. On the basis of progress made during phase 1, a final 6 projects will be invited to join phase 2 of the Development programme.

Learn more about the programme on the Alderley Park website.

Working with Industry

Discover how we are working with industry to develop and commercialise novel discoveries to accelerate the delivery of research from the bench to the bedside.

University of Manchester Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory drive the commercialisation of the University’s innovations and intellectual property.

Cancer Research UK Commercial Partnerships team

Cancer Research UK’s Commercial Partnerships team work to develop and commercialise exciting new discoveries in cancer research.


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