Cookie Policy

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Our website uses ‘Cookies’ which are text files placed on your computer when you visit a site which help us understand how you use our websites. Cookies don’t collect personal data from your computer, only the data created by your browsing. Some cookies remain on your computer after you leave the website; these are called ‘persistent’ cookies. Others are deleted automatically when you close your browser and others simply expire. Our website uses analytics cookies set by Google Analytics.

Analytics cookies set by Google Analytics

We may collect non-person-identifying information relating to your use of our sites via Google Analytics technology. This may include: which pages you see; how long you stay; what you click on our pages; if you visit the website again; which country and city you are browsing from; etc. This data is collected for the purpose of monitoring and understanding the effectiveness of our websites. We also collect data relating to the demographics and interests of our users via Google Analytics and cookies set by Google advertising networks. This data is used in aggregated form to help improve the site and the University’s marketing efforts.


How to delete and manage cookies in your browser

You can choose not to accept cookies and delete existing cookies on your computer or mobile device using your browser settings. Please use the links below to find out how to do this for your browser:

For browsers not listed here, please refer to the manufacturer’s website.