Our Values

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Our values are the guiding principles that define the way we work each day. They are at the core of our research activities and act as the bedrock of the MCRC upon which our vision and mission have been forged. We believe that by upholding such values we will continue to drive our impactful research helping to achieve our vision of creating a cancer free future. Our seven values are:

Openness and Transparency

Research belongs to everyone. The majority of our research funding comes from charitable donations, or grants from major funders. Therefore, we see it as our duty to make research information as open and available as possible, from publishing in open-access research journals, to inviting members of the public to discover more about the research process at any of our engagement sessions.


Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Our Values

Champion Innovation

We want our research to have the “eureka” moment, that moment of discovery when a new innovation could change the world. These ideas are crucial to successful research and we work to ensure any new idea, invention or insight is supported with the resources needed to become a reality.


Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Our Values

Creating Opportunities to Excel

Scientists are the life-blood of cancer research, and we need to do all we can to support them and enable and empower them to reach their potential. We offer training and development opportunities for every scientist to excel, enabling them to become future leaders in their own research field or treatment area.


Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Our Values

Interdisciplinary Scientific Excellence

We aspire for excellence. Excellence in clinical care, excellence in laboratory science, excellence throughout the scientific development process. We believe that the best route to achieve this is through working across organisations, across disciplines, and across cultures to promote and champion interdisciplinary research that enables us to solve scientific challenges.


Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Our Values

Scientific Integrity

Our word is only as good as our record. You need to trust that our research is exceptional, truthful, and accurate. That’s why we are committed to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity and research ethics by promoting strong governance, a culture built upon honesty and integrity, and supporting researchers throughout their scientific journey.


Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Our Values

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity

We value each and every contribution to science, and we strive to be create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment that anyone would be proud to join. We actively promote a culture of kindness, respect and support to help bring out the best in our colleagues.


Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Our Values

Co-creating Research

We strongly believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The best research comes from co-creation, when everyone has their voice heard. We’re committed to working together with patients, members of the public, healthcare workers, and scientists to co-create research projects that will have the greatest impact on society.


Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Our Values

Patient, Public Involvement and Engagement

At the MCRC, patient public involvement and engagement (PPIE) represents an important and active partnership between researchers and patients and members of the public.

Bullying and Harassment Policy

We believe that bullying, harassment and discrimination are never OK. Each of the MCRC’s partner institutions have anonymous support in place for anyone who has experienced bullying or harassment of any kind.

Animal Research in Manchester

We’re committed to developing research that helps society understand how and why cancer develops, and prevent or cure cancer in its earliest stage. Sometimes this means using animals in our research – but only when absolutely essential and no other alternative is available.

Our Vision

Find out how the MCRC is uniting science and driving clinical excellence to create a cancer free future.

Our Impact

At the MCRC, we’re committed to delivering impactful research that influences the scientific and clinical delivery of cancer research.

Our Leadership and Strategic Team

Find out how the leadership team and Strategic Operations team at the MCRC work together with our partners to achieve our vision.


We know the value of working together, collaboration is built into our ethos, it lies at the heart of our values and is core to our research success.

Driving Cancer Team Science: Our Research Strategy

Cancer is a global challenge and requires a plan built around collaboration and Team Science to beat it.