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In partnership with Policy@Manchester and The University of Manchester, we have developed On Cancer which is our latest exemplar demonstrating team science research carried out in Manchester. It spotlights the evidence on which to base future policy implementations. From pioneering early detection, and equal access of screening and treatments, to our use of cutting-edge technologies, our one Manchester partnership strives to create a future free from the burden of cancer.

We speak to some of our researchers on their work to improve the lives of people living with cancer. For this research to reach its greatest potential, we require engagement from everyone; from policy makers to nurses, funders academics, and industry to dynamically shift the way we treat cancer, overcome barriers in screening, enable our researchers to utilise patient data and address funding shortfalls. On Cancer not only provides detailed and real-world evidence but also outlines clear policy recommendations that, if implemented, will improve the lives of those living with cancer.


Michelle Mitchell, CEO, Cancer Research UK

Disadvantage and disease: Finding solutions to inequalities in cancer

Dr Philip Crosbie, Dr Suzanne Johnson, Professor David Shackley

Access and inclusion: Can we move cancer services closer to the home?

Dr Philip Crosbie and Dr Dónal Landers

Advanced radiotherapies: What are the challenges and opportunities?

Professor Karen Kirkby and Professor Ananya Choudhury

Rules of the road: The need for new quality standards for AI technology in healthcare

Dr Dónal Landers and Dr Gareth Price

Data directly from our patients: How is improving patient data the key to better cancer care?

Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn, Professor Niels Peek, and Dr James Price

Saving lives and money through early detection: Lynch syndrome case study

Professor Emma Crosbie

Advancing cell and gene therapies: Levelling up life sciences investment in the North-West

Professor Fiona Thistlethwaite and Professor Brian Bigger

Global partnerships: How can international research collaborations boost our health and economy?

Professor Keith Brennan, Dr F. George Njoroge, and Professor Robert Bristow

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