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In order to realise our vision, our research needs to have impact. To us, impact is a measure of how our research has had a demonstrable and lasting effect on the public, patients or researchers within Manchester, the UK or across the world.

To demonstrate this, we categorise research impact according to how it is World-Leading, Practice-Influencing, Life-Changing or Team-Building. Discover more about how we define these categories below, and discover specific examples of our research on our Impact Case Studies webpage.

World-Leading Research

In several areas, Manchester scientists have been pioneers of basic, discovery, translational and clinical cancer research. Our world-leading activities include world-first discoveries, novel clinical trials answering key scientific hypotheses or exploring other opportunities that demonstrate how Manchester solutions lead the way in clinical care.

Examples of our World-Leading research themes include:

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Practice-Influencing Research

As pioneers of cancer research, we want to see research that can be implemented in the clinic and improve the outcomes of patients with cancer. Our Practice-Influencing research demonstrates how Manchester scientists have developed research, clinical trials, and other innovations that have influenced clinical practice in the UK or across the world. This can involve the changing of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines or recommendations following novel developments in a particular field of research.

Examples of our Practice-Influencing research include:


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Life-Changing Research

What ultimately motivates our researchers, clinicians to work to create a cancer free future? Seeing how our research changes and improves the lives of patients and people affected by cancer.

Through implementing precision and personalised approaches to medicine, we can work to changing the lives of people affected by cancer.

Manchester researchers were among the first to prove the link between obesity and cancer. Read more about Professor Andrew Renehan’s life-changing research demonstrating this link.


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Team-Building Research

We’re stronger together. We leverage our synergistic and collaborative ethos to champion opportunities to build new multi-disciplinary teams.  By breaking down research silos, we help them create the best science and move closer to creating a cancer free future.

Examples of our Team-Building Research include:

  • Advanced materials
  • Nano-oncology
  • Drug Discovery
  • Health data
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Impact Case Studies

Discover more about the World-Leading, Practice-Influencing, Life-Changing and Team-Building research stories.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles that define the way we work each day. They are at the core of our research activities and act as the bedrock of the MCRC upon which our vision and mission have been forged.

Our Vision

Discover how the MCRC is uniting science and driving clinical excellence to create a cancer free future.

Our Leadership and Strategic Team

Find out more about the leadership team and Strategic Operations team at the MCRC and how we work together with our partners to achieve our vision.

Driving Cancer Team Science: Our Research Strategy

Cancer is a global challenge and we need a united, integrated cancer research strategy that is built on the foundations of collaboration and Team Science.