Cogs symbolising Collaboration at the MCRC

We know the value of working together. At the MCRC, collaboration is built into our ethos, it lies at the heart of our values and is core to our research success.

Our Research Strategy is built around Team Science, and core to this success is breaking down silos and barriers that prevent research excellence. To this end, we strive to work and collaborate across research institutions, on a global level, and with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Collaboration is the key to transformative cancer research.

Working With Industry

Discover how we are working with industry to develop and commercialise novel discoveries to accelerate the delivery of research from the bench to the bedside.

International Collaborations

Cancer is a global challenge, and one that we must all fight. Discover the collaborations we have forged with research institutions and businesses to help realise our vision.

Cross-Disciplinary Research

Discover how cross-discipline teams with complementary experience and expertise are collectively working on solutions to some of the most challenging cancer challenges.

Manchester Cancer Research Nexus

Discover more about our interconnected network of Centres of Excellence, and Research Institutes.