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Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Resources

Discover a selection of cancer research resources from the MCRC, including annual reports, and brochures.

MCRC 2019 Annual Report

Download the 2019 Annual Report to discover the research activities, funding announcements, publication and award successes and a horizon scan to future endeavours.

Major highlights from 2019 include hosting the “Phase 1: Where Science Becomes Medicine” conference, CRUK establishing the Cancer Research UK RadNet Manchester Radiation Research Unit in collaboration with The Christie, becoming a founding member of the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED), and demonstrating our commitment to training the next generation of clinical academics with the Clinical Academic Training Award from CRUK and the creation of the new MB-PhD scheme for aspiring medical researchers.

Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Resources

Download the MCRC 2019 Annual Report (PDF, 4MB)

MCRC & CRUK Manchester Centre: Training & Education Newsletter

Discover the successes of our cancer postgraduate trainees and postdocs in our Training & Education Newsletter, bringing you the achievements of our valued researchers including their recent publications, academic presentations and awards from across the breadth of our research portfolio, as well as spotlighting the stories from our alumni. The Newsletter is published twice a year in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and you will be able to access all published newsletters below.

Manchester Cancer Research Centre | Resources

Spring/Summer 2021 edition of the Training and Education Newsletter (2MB, PDF)

MCRC Brochures

Download any of our selection of brochures from the past five years. Find out more about:

  • Radiation Related Research
  • Cancer and COVID-19 Research Projects
  • Training Opportunities in Manchester
  • Why Manchester?
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Training in Manchester brochure (PDF, 2MB)

Why Manchester? brochure (PDF, 4MB)

Radiation Related Research brochure (PDF, 1MB)

COVID-19 and Cancer Infosheet (PDF, 3MB)

Our Vision

Discover how the MCRC is uniting science and driving clinical excellence to create a cancer free future.

Our Partners

Find out about the partners of the MCRC: The University of Manchester,…

Paterson Redevelopment Project

Discover how we are re-writing the future of cancer research by creating…

Research Heritage

Cancer research in Manchester dates back to the 19th Century, and is the location for many pioneering discoveries and innovations.


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