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Research Spotlight

Shorter radiotherapy course reduces risk of bladder cancer returning

Giving people with bladder cancer fewer but larger doses of radiation reduces the risk of their disease returning and should be adopted as the new…

Research Spotlight

Ultraviolet radiation causes rare type of eye cancer

Ultraviolet radiation can cause a rare type of eye cancer, conjunctival melanoma, according to University…

Research Spotlight

‘First of its kind’ clinical…

A group of scientists across Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow have been awarded £900,000 from…

Research Spotlight

Lynch syndrome and endometrial cancer:…

Research Spotlight

Manchester launches national project to understand changes in radiotherapy treatment for lung cancer patients during COVID-19

A new national project investigating changes in radiotherapy services during COVID-19 has been launched by…

Research Spotlight

Manchester researchers use innovative artificial…

Research Spotlight

Researchers discover new method of…

Researchers have confirmed a new non-invasive test can be used to help with the early…

Page 15-21 of 21 items