Empowering Future Leaders

Our Development Strategy

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People are at the heart of research. Our aim is to train you, and enable and empower you to develop the innovations that have a positive impact on people affected by cancer across the globe. This is how develop the future leaders in cancer sciences; by putting people at the forefront of our research.

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We have a vision to train the next generation of cancer academic leaders within a cancer Team Science environment

Training programmes in Manchester are driven by a uniform goal. By training the next generation of cancer academic leaders we will collectively work to address the many challenges we face in cancer sciences.

Academics in Manchester are world-leaders in their fields and are drivers of novel and ambitious research programmes that are influencing clinical practice and changing people’s lives. Our ambition is that our trainees will continue this tradition and will themselves become the inspiration and leaders of innovation in the future.


A Team Science approach to training

What sets our training scheme apart is our approach to Team Science. We are firm believers that a team is greater than the sum of its parts and by engaging in a synergistic and collaborative environment our trainees will prosper and thrive.

We support this Team Science environment by breaking down traditional research silos, and creating the opportunities for laboratory-based scientists to work closely with different disciplines as well as clinicians, patients and other colleagues. It is through driving exemplary basic, discovery and translational science into the clinic that our research will have its greatest impact.

Every year, we provide a wealth of training opportunities spanning the wider Manchester Cancer Research Centre environment, supported by our partners:

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