Melanoma and other skin cancers

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In Manchester, melanoma research covers basic and discovery science through to patient support and end of life care.

At the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, scientists use a range of models to investigate better ways to treat the disease through exploration of mechanisms of drug action and resistance. Drug discovery teams are also developing novel pan-RAF inhibitors to overcome some of the challenges of existing targeted therapies.

Researchers are also interested in rare melanoma types – acral, mucosal and uveal melanomas – and are probing the genetics to gain an understanding of the roots of these less common subtypes.

The MCRC Biobank plays a key role in melanoma research, collecting fresh and frozen samples across multiple timepoints. This enables researchers to create PDX and CDX models to accurately recapitulate real-world biology in the lab.

Clinical researchers aim to improve the standard of care and are trialling a range of approaches, including radiotherapy, immunotherapy combinations, cell therapies and new surgical techniques. Our scientists lead national initiatives and join international collaborations to drive forward the introduction of the latest treatments.

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