Shoulder to Shoulder with the NHS at 70

This week the NHS turns 70 and we will be celebrating with our friends and MCRC partners over at The Christie. To mark this special week we wanted to bring your attention to the recent launch of Cancer Research UK’s Shoulder to Shoulder Against Cancer Campaign, to push for the Government to train and employ more staff to diagnose and treat cancers earlier.


For 70 years NHS staff have been at the forefront of fighting cancer. Just across the road from us The Christie are world leaders in cancer care, research and education. They are the largest single-site cancer centre in Europe, with 2,500 staff who treat 50,000 patients every year. With more people developing cancer, the demand for staff that diagnose their disease and deliver their treatment is going to increase.


It’s up to all of us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the NHS and ask for more staff to deliver the life-saving cancer tests and treatments people need. So Cancer Research UK want everyone to take action and ask their MP to sign their letter to Theresa May right now.


To do so, this follow this link.

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