Meet the MCRC - David Jenkins

David Jenkins is, in his own words, “an unusual purchasing officer”. We wanted to find out a little more about him.


Where are you from/why did you move to Manchester?


I’m from Manchester, Salford area. I moved around the country when I was a manager for Pizza Express, but I didn’t want to be working Christmas eve, New Years eve, weekends etc. anymore. So I had a career change in my thirties to an office environment so settled back in Manchester for that. I’m so glad I did.


What made you want to work for the MCRC?


An agency sent me to the job at the Paterson building, they said I was ‘the wild card’ because I had the least experience but they said because of my personality they thought I would be best suited to the role. All I remember from the interview was laughing a lot with HR, which, clearly, worked.  


I had never worked in a science environment before, but once I started to see the work going on I was fascinated. I always asked the obvious questions like, “whats an antibody?” and got them to explain what DNA was properly to me.  It all just made my head want to fall off because it was so amazing! That’s what got me really interested and I began fundraising, with my cake sales, Movember etc, because I truly believe in research the scientists do here.


What are the three words that describe your job?


  • Supportive – I’m someone who is physically there to help the scientists in what they want to achieve.


  • Mediator – I’m like a middleman, I build relationships with suppliers who the scientists rely on and with the scientists themselves. I try and make sure everyone benefits from the relationships I build.


  • Positive – Its not ‘officially’ part of my role, but I like to make everyone’s day a bit better by being smiley and positive in my attitude


What’s your favourite part of the working day?


I don’t think oh this is my best bit of my day and then hate everything else. I love all parts of my day.


I really just love my team. We used to have ‘disco Fridays’ when we were based at MCRC but now we have our own office in AP we have the radio on permanently. We do a quiz every morning together and we laugh every day.  I’m always so happy to be with everyone there.


Also a special shout out to the Alderly Park lunches which have changed our lives.

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