Paterson named Building of the Year 2023 by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

The new Paterson building from Wilmslow Road, Manchester

The Paterson Building has been awarded the Greater Manchester Building of the Year Award 2023 by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. This prestigious award aims to recognise a building’s contribution to Greater Manchester in terms of its construction and development.


The building is part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre – a highly successful partnership between three powerhouses of innovation, The Christie, Cancer Research UK and The University of Manchester – and will be one of the top cancer research centres in the world.

We are absolutely delighted and honoured to have received this recognition from the Chamber of Commerce and thank the judges for not only appreciating the design of the building but also recognising what the building enables and the benefit it will bring to Greater Manchester and beyond.

Professor Nic Jones

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Opening in April 2023, the building has space to become home to one of the largest concentration of scientists, doctors and nurses in Europe. 300 scientists and 400 clinicians and operational staff, practicing what is known as ‘team science’, will deliver clinical trials covering the full extent of the patient pathway, from prevention and novel treatments to living with and beyond cancer.


It is occupied by all three partners and now houses research teams from the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, the Cancer Research UK National Biomarker Centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Innovation, and several other teams from The University of Manchester’s Division of Cancer Sciences.

The Paterson Building

Watch this video from The Christie to see inside the new building and discover how the scientists working there are delivering real change for cancer patients.

The new Paterson building from Wilmslow Road, Manchester

Professor Jones continued: “It is now a year since the completion of the building and the start of occupation. It is fantastic to see how it has come alive, to feel the excitement of being back on The Christie site and to recognise how interactions between different scientific and clinical disciplines are being fostered. This was the vision we had at the outset, and it is already clear that this vision is being realised and will continue to strengthen and flourish over the next few years. It is a wonderful environment to work in and a real testament to the ambition we have in delivering advances in cancer research and ultimately patient benefit. 


“It is also a huge symbol of the strength of the MCRC partnership and the benefits that have been realised from The Christie, The University and CRUK working so closely together. Their commitment and support did not waver despite unprecedented times and challenges arising from the pandemic.  There will be an official opening of the building in the summer providing an opportunity to not only thank the partners but also so many individuals who ensured the building was delivered within budget and pretty much on time.”


The inception of this building came following a devastating fire which caused significant damage to the Paterson cancer research facility in 2017. At more than 25,000 square metres and ten storeys high, the building is more than twice the size of the previous facility, allowing experts to deliver discovery research and translate their findings into innovative clinical trials, at scale. The development of this new cancer research centre on the site of the former Paterson Building represents a unique opportunity to create a world-leading facility, right in the heart of Manchester.


It is sometimes easy to forget the journey this development has had starting with the devastating fire. From that extremely difficult moment of crisis, opportunities were quickly recognised, and it is amazing what has now been achieved and delivered. This is why receiving this award is so gratifying. In the end however, it is the research that will be enabled that is most important, and in this regard, I am sure there are exciting times ahead.” ~ Professor Nic Jones, Director of Strategic Initiatives


Stewart Grant, Chair of the Chamber of Commerce’s Property & Construction Group, said: “This is not a design competition. It is about giving an award to the building or development that the judges feel makes the most significant sustainable contribution to Greater Manchester either socially, culturally, economically, visually or environmentally. The resulting building is already delivering world class research. It’s a fitting piece in the overall jigsaw of the Christie Hospital Campus that will make a real difference to cancer patients not only in Greater Manchester or the UK, but worldwide.”


The building, partly funded by The Christie Charity, is part of a partnership between The Christie, The University of Manchester, and Cancer Research UK.

The Cancer Research Landscape in Manchester

Cancer is a global challenge, accounting for 10 million deaths world-wide in 2020 alone. The Manchester Cancer Research Centre is tackling this challenge by focusing on Team Science and innovation.

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Building of the Year Award 2023