PRP update – November 2021

Words from Professor Nic Jones, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the MCRC

Artist's rendition of the new Paterson research facility

Professor Nic Jones, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the MCRC updates on the progress of the Paterson Redevelopment Project and the topping out milestone in the latest building update.

This building is a great testimony to the way that all of our partners see the future of cancer research in Manchester. They are all fully committed to this development and what it means for improving patient outcomes.

Professor Nic Jones

Director of Strategic Initiatives

The building

As an organisation, we have had the unique opportunity of supporting further development of our comprehensive cancer research centre through the construction of this new building. The fire back in 2017 was devastating and disrupted a lot of our world-leading research, but in turn, led to ambitious plans to create a brand new globally leading cancer research facility here in Manchester.

This new build represents Manchester’s future cancer research ambition and is designed to accommodate cancer research activities for years to come. It signifies the collaboration between our partners to promote integration and collaboration of our staff through co-location and our mission to translate discoveries leading to advances in cancer care.

As the building starts to take shape, we can now focus on how the new facility, with its cutting-edge technologies and team science ethos, can function to support the great researchers we currently have here in Manchester as well as new talent that will be attracted to Manchester in the future. This exciting phase will, for example, determine where groups will be located, how co-location can support synergy, how the break-out areas can maximise interactions and how there is close integration of the new build with the whole of the cancer campus including the Oglesby Cancer Research Building.

Building progress has remained consistent with timelines and budget constraints. We are on track for construction completion in December 2022, and I am pleased to be providing some very significant construction updates for this state-of-the-art £150 million purpose-built centre.

Topping out

This month, we met an impressive construction milestone: the building has now reached its highest point. Construction has continued to complete the first eight floors of the building and supports have been laid for the 9th floor.

Topping out represents a major milestone in construction and it is when we will see the full impact of the building and how it symbolises the strength of the partnership and our ambitions. It is also a time at which we will be able to get a true feel for what the cancer campus will look like as a whole. As we say goodbye to artist’s impressions and hello to this exceptional build, we can focus on the excitement of the work that this build will facilitate in improving patient outcomes and re-writing cancer. You can see how the building is developing in this video from October 2021.

Paterson Redevelopment Project

See how the new building on the Paterson development site is progressing

Artist's rendition of the new Paterson research facility
It's the people that will be located within this building that will fulfil its ambition and bring this vision to life to improve cancer outcomes for all and re-write the future of cancer.

Professor Nic Jones

Future milestones

In further building updates, anyone that walks past the building will have noticed the new external glass panels being installed. Over the next few months, the installation of these specially designed glass panels and rainscreens will be completed, transforming the look of the building.

With building work continuing throughout the pandemic, we have managed to maintain the excitement around this great construction. Looking forward, attention is turning to the interior of the build. Electrical and plumbing installation is ongoing in some of the lower floors, alongside plastering and the creation of the interior walls.

We’re also very excited to share some internal CGI renders of the reception, break-out spaces, and laboratories to give everyone a feel for what the new spaces will look like when the facility is open.

Later in this year we will see further developments such as the lights being switched on for the first time and the fitting out of the lower floors and we will be providing regular communication and building updates to highlight this impressive new build and showcase our commitment to re-writing the future of cancer.

Reception view of PRP

CGI render for the reception

CGI of a typical standard lab

CGI render of a typical standard lab

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Paterson Redevelopment Project

We have a unique opportunity to create one of the top cancer research centres in the world, right in the heart of Manchester. This new facility will help to transform patient outcomes through integrated advances in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. Together we can use the power of research to Re-Write the future of cancer.


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