Mathew Carter

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Mathew Carter

Mathew Carter

Senior Translational Research Facilitator

In his role as a Senior Translational Research Facilitator at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Research Honorary at The University of Manchester, Mathew is actively engaged in diverse research initiatives, within clinics. He collaborates closely with oncologists and other healthcare professionals to facilitate translational biomarker research trials through contributions to standard of care processes, patient recruitment, collection of high-quality biological samples and curation of clinical data.

Mathew’s unique strength lies in forging meaningful relationships with patients and their families, excelling in trial recruitment and an ability to conduct empathetic discussions on genomic findings.

Holding a BSc in Biomedical Science and postgraduate studies in Genomic Medicine from The University of Salford and The University of Manchester, respectively, Mathew’s focus extends to ensuring equitable access to molecular diagnostics and treatment, aligning with his passion for empowering patients through informed decision-making. His expertise in interpreting genomic findings significantly contributes to key projects, including RAS-BIO, CHEMORES, CRUK Stratified Medicine Programme, TRACERx, PEACE and 100k Genomes Project.

Mathew’s educational background and curated expertise, make him a valuable contributor to high impact project advisory boards, including those for the NHS England 100,000 Genomes Project Molecular Tumour Boards and the Greater Manchester Lung Pathway Board.

His goal is to deliver impactful translational research, advocating equity and empowering lung cancer patients through personalised care.