Dr George Morrissey

University of Manchester Campus

Dr George Morrissey

George Morrissey

Clinical Research Training Fellow

Dr George Morrissey is a dedicated cancer researcher focused on combating resistance to targeted therapies in lung cancer, particularly the KRAS G12C mutation. His work revolves around understanding how resistance develops and identifying therapeutic vulnerabilities, specifically concerning the KRAS G12C inhibitor, Sotorasib. He aims to bridge laboratory discoveries with real-world applications by validating findings in patient samples from The Christie.

His educational journey in basic sciences, with a focus on physiology and neuroscience at Cambridge, has laid a robust foundation for merging clinical work with research. His career goal is to become a Clinician Scientist, integrating laboratory-based discovery science with clinical practice, with a vision of contributing to making cancer a curable or manageable disease.

George’s research involves developing models to understand drug resistance, utilizing a multi-omics approach, and identifying therapeutic vulnerabilities, such as the persistent RAS addiction. He aspire to improve the understanding of cancer complexity, influence clinical trial designs, and contribute to more effective combination therapies. The evolving nature of oncology and its potential for improving patient outcomes through scientific research continues to motivate his work.