Charlotte Hindley

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Charlotte Hindley

Charlotte Hindley

Translational Research Facilitator

Charlotte Hindley is a Translational Research Facilitator at The Christie Hospital, where she is deeply involved in steering the Ras-Bio trial and contributing to cancer research.

In this role, she handles crucial aspects like patient recruitment, sample processing, and data collection, vital for the progress of translational research trials.

Her journey began with an integrated master's degree, investigating non-coding RNAs in oncogenic viral infection, providing her with a solid foundation in cancer biology. This academic background motivated her to pursue the role of a Translational Research Facilitator.

Charlotte saw it as an opportunity to leverage her existing knowledge, contribute to lung cancer research, and engage closely with patients.

Being part of The Christie's Translation Research Team is an ongoing learning experience for Charlotte, allowing her to continually refine my skills. She is excited about the future and the meaningful contributions she can make to advance cancer research in this dynamic field.