Professor Angeliki Malliri

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Angeliki Malliri

Angeliki Malliri

Professor of Cell Biology

Angeliki completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Patras, Greece and obtained her PhD from the University of Crete, Greece. She worked as a postdoctoral scientist at the CRUK Beatson Institute in Glasgow and the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.

She established her independent research group in 2004 at CRUK Manchester Institute and moved to the Division of Cancer Sciences of the University of Manchester in March 2024. A focus of her laboratory has been the mechanisms controlling and mediating cell migration and invasion, definitive characteristics of malignant cells essential for metastasis. For this, they have been concentrating on Rho-like GTPases and in particular the Rho-like GTPase Rac1 because of its importance in cytoskeletal organization, cell polarity, adhesion and extracellular matrix remodelling required for migration and invasion.

Recently they have been studying these phenomena in the context of KRas-mutant lung adenocarcinoma and small-cell lung cancer. Their KRas-mutant lung adenocarcinoma research elucidates the contributions of Rac1 signalling, as a critical downstream effector of KRas, to the formation, growth and progression of this tumour type.

They have also been addressing KRas-mutant isoform selective functions in lung cancer development in close collaboration with Dr Colin Lindsay, The Christie Hospital, Manchester. Additionally, her laboratory is investigating the role of Rac1 signalling in the plasticity, invasion and dissemination of small cell lung cancer cells.