MCRC Annual Report 2022/2023 Available Now

Three issues of the MCRC Annual Report stacked on top of each other with 2022/2023 issue on top

The MCRC is excited to deliver its latest annual report for 2022/2023, reflecting and celebrating on the successes and achievements from the past year.

This report showcases the research milestones, funding achievements, scientific advances, and new clinical trails in Manchester that drive us closer to our vision of creating a future free from the burden of cancer.

Throughout 2022/2023, Manchester researchers were involved in over 800 clinical studies, have published over 1000 academic research papers and have worked on academic grants amounting to more than £150m from some of the worlds largest medical, scientific and cancer research funders.

Dive into this year’s report and discover how we’ve made a difference this year with highlights including:

  • The opening of our flagship £150m Paterson Building symbolising a new ecosystem for cancer research in Manchester
  • The launch and progress of novel clinical trials such as TARGET National, rEECur, DETERMINE, POBIG and RAPID-RT
  • Combatting the global cancer challenge through developing international partnerships including strengthening our collaboration with Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research Hospital to improve the lives of people with oesophageal cancer in Kenya.
  • Updates from the wider MCRC Team and activities in Commercialisation, Education, Communications, and Equality Diversity and Inclusivity.
  • Innovations and achievements from a selection of the many Centres of Excellence in Manchester, including Cancer Research UK RadNet Manchester, ACED, and CRUK Manchester Centre.


Read the annual report today using the link below.

MCRC Annual Report 2022/2023 (PDF, 4 MB)


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