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The Manchester Cancer Research Centre is a world-leading research partnership founded in 2006 to coordinate and drive research from the laboratory to the clinic. To do this, the MCRC leverages its founding partners: The University of ManchesterCancer Research UK and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust which each support key pillars of cancer research and innovation in Manchester.

The MCRC has a vision to deliver 'Cancer Precision for All: Uniting translational science and driving clinical excellence for a future free of cancer'.

We will achieve this through our approach of cancer team science, linking basic and discovery science with clinical treatment to deliver novel treatments and interventions that benefit people affected by cancer. 

Professor Rob Bristow

Director of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre

Pioneering Impactful Research

As a world-leading cancer research partnership, we have influenced clinical practice in the UK and across the world, changing the lives of people affected by cancer. We continue to leverage this rich heritage of scientific research and drive impact for patients.

We empower the next-generation of cancer leaders, and champion cross discipline science that offers individuals the opportunities to excel and become the future cancer research leaders.

Our vision is possible in Manchester, benefiting from the close partnership between The University of Manchester, Cancer Research UK, and The Christie, alongside our affiliated trusts Manchester University and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trusts all set within the unique Manchester devolved healthcare system.

Through uniting the best and brightest academic minds with the world-class, state-of-the-art facilities in Manchester, we will create a cancer free future.

Below you can view a collection of case studies where we have continued to push the boundaries of scientific discovery, pioneered life changing discoveries and progressed towards our vision of creating a future free from the burden of cancer.

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Manchester Cancer Research Centre - About the MCRC

Improving the standard of care for biliary tract cancers around the world

Biliary Tract Cancer is a type of hepato-pancreatico-biliary cancer and is associated with high mortality. Thanks to research led by Prof. Juan Valle and his team, a pioneering group of trials, the ABC series, has improved international standards of care for patients with Biliary Tract Cancers.

Manchester Cancer Research Centre - About the MCRC

Changing National Healthcare Guidance – A Lynch Syndrome Example

Research led by Professor Emma Crosbie with Professor Gareth Evans and Dr Neil Ryan helped show that almost 3% of womb cancers are linked to Lynch syndrome, now new guidelines have been implemented that state that women with womb cancer will be screened for the genetic condition.

Manchester Cancer Research Centre - About the MCRC

Influencing policy: Making the case to ban sunbeds

A multidisciplinary team between Manchester and Australia have been evaluating the cost effectiveness of a policy-based intervention to reduce melanoma and other skin cancers associated with indoor tanning salons. Their results provide a strong incentive to ban sunbeds in order to improve the outcomes for patients.

Manchester Cancer Research Centre - About the MCRC

Changing clinical practice for patients with Lymphoma

The lifetime work by Professors John Radford and Tim Illidge has helped pioneer new treatments and understanding of Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, increasing access to therapies, reducing treatment  side effects and devising new treatments.

Precision medicine for all

In order to achieve our vision, we need to ensure precision treatments and medicines are equitable and embrace the diversity of our entire population. The MCRC will lead in the development of precision prevention and early detection and precision medicine strategies that enable cancer to be identified earlier and curative treatments to be delivered to everyone.

Our aim is to unite science and clinical care by leveraging our synergistic, team-building experience, to break down research silos and enable interdisciplinary and inter-organisational collaboration.

By enabling out-of-the-box thinking and creating opportunities for collaboration, we can unite and translate the basic and discovery scientific innovations performed in state-of-the-art laboratories with novel patient treatments that change lives and influence clinical practice.

Underpinning our vision are our values, which govern all of our activities and research investments. Explore our values below.


Openness and TransparencyOpenness and Transparency

Research belongs to everyone. The majority of our research funding comes from charitable donations, or grants from major funders. Therefore, we see it as our duty to make research information as open and available as possible, from publishing in open-access research journals, to inviting members of the public to discover more about the research process at any of our engagement sessions.


Championing innovation

Champion Innovation

We want our research to have the “eureka” moment, that moment of discovery when a new innovation could change the world. These ideas are crucial to successful research and we work to ensure any new idea, invention or insight is supported with the resources needed to become a reality.


Creating opportunities to excel

Creating Opportunities to Excel

Scientists are the life-blood of cancer research, and we need to do all we can to support them and enable and empower them to reach their potential. We offer training and development opportunities for every scientist to excel, enabling them to become future leaders in their own research field or treatment area.


Multidisciplinary scientific excellence

Interdisciplinary Scientific Excellence

We aspire for excellence. Excellence in clinical care, excellence in laboratory science, excellence throughout the scientific development process. We believe that the best route to achieve this is through working a cross organisations, across disciplines, and across cultures to promote and champion interdisciplinary research that enables us to solve scientific challenges.



Scientific Integrity

Scientific Integrity

Our word is only as good as our record. You need to trust that our research is exceptional, truthful, and accurate. That’s why we are committed to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity and research ethics by promoting strong governance, a culture built upon honesty and integrity, and supporting researchers throughout their scientific journey.



Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

We value each and every contribution to science, and we strive to be create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment that anyone would be proud to join. We actively promote a culture of kindness, respect and support to help bring out the best in our colleagues.

We also strongly believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The best research comes from co-creation, when everyone has their voice heard. We’re committed to working together with patients, members of the public, healthcare workers, and scientists to co-create research projects that will have the greatest impact on society.

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