Our expertise across all aspects of cancer research has been recognised through the creation of various Centres of Excellence, some of which are in partnership with other research organisations from around the UK. Such Centres epitomise the collaborative and multidisciplinary nature of the MCRC.

Cancer Research UK Manchester Centre

CRUK Centre logoCreated in 2015, the Cancer Research UK Manchester Centre draws together researchers from five key themes - biomarkers, radiotherapy and imaging, experimental cancer medicine, molecular pathology, and prevention and early detection – with the overall vision of implementing basic and discovery science into an integrated personalised medicine approach.

CRUK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence

CRUK Lung Cancer Centre logoThe Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence at Manchester and University College London (UCL) was launched in 2014 and unites internationally renowned researchers from two cities working within the field of lung cancer research. The Centre combines expertise in basic, translational and clinical research, which is focused around eight complementary and interacting lung cancer themes: Basic Science, Immunology, Drug Discovery, Early Detection and Pre-Invasive Disease, Tumour Evolution and Heterogeneity, Biomarkers, Clinical Trials and Radiation Biology/Radiotherapy Trials. 

Manchester Biomedical Research Centre

The NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) connects world-leading researchers based at The University of Manchester and three NHS Trusts in Greater Manchester.  It shares a joint vision to drive forward pioneering research into new tests and treatments across seven research themes, including three focused on cancer: prevention and early detection (breast, prostate, endometrial and lung cancers); precision radiotherapy including immunotherapy; and, molecular stratified cancer medicine trials using novel genomic assays.

Manchester Breast Centre

Manchester Breast Centre logoThe Manchester Breast Centre was established in 2005 and acts as a central point for both clinicians and scientists carrying out basic and translational breast cancer research in Manchester. The Centre aims to promote collaborative working amongst breast cancer specialists, in order to drive progress in the treatment and prevention of all types of the disease.

Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre

Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) was established in 2007 and is leading the way in cancer research with an unwavering focus on offering the best treatment options to patients through precision medicine. Its work takes into consideration the complex genetics and evolution of cancer and how this affects the way in which an individual responds to treatments. This is done through a renewed concentration on molecular profiling, biobanking, imaging, biomarker discovery and radiotherapy related research; as well as a focus on prevention and early detection.

Manchester is also a paediatric ECMC, based at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH). It links with ten other centres and forms a network that functions as a single virtual centre, led from Manchester.

Prostate Cancer UK Movember Centre of Excellence

The FASTMAN Movember Centre of Excellence is split across two cities – Belfast and Manchester – with a hospital-research lab partnership in each place. Two institutes united against prostate cancer – bringing their existing expertise in prostate cancer research and treatment, as well as insights from other cancer types – to revolutionise the way that prostate cancer research is carried out in the UK including the development of ctDNA and CTC profiling in localised prostate cancer, novel pre-clinical ex vivo cell and genetically-modified animal models to study cancer development and progression, and the development of biomarker-driven trials that target hypoxia and DNA repair defects.