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The Manchester Cancer Research Centre is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Brainchild of our Director Professor Nic Jones, the Centre was established in 2006. At its heart is collaboration – between doctors, scientists and a host of others working in the clinic and the lab – and a unified strategy aimed at improving outcomes for cancer patients. By linking one of the UK’s biggest and most successful research-focused universities with Europe’s largest single-site cancer centre and the world’s leading cancer charity, we have a unique set up and some fantastic infrastructure and facilities. 

In Manchester, we’re leading the way in many fields, including the fight against drug resistance in melanoma, the development of liquid biopsies to track and tailor treatment for lung cancer, and the application of exciting imaging and radiotherapy technology.

We’re creating this blog to bring you a more in-depth view of our research. You’ll be hearing from our researchers about how and why they are working to better understand cancer. And to celebrate our anniversary we will be looking back on our achievements so far and the personalities who have made them possible.

So keep your eyes peeled for the next article!

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