Meet the MCRC - Helen O'Connor

Helen O’Connor is one of the first faces you may see as you come into the Manchester Cancer Research Centre. We wanted to find out a little more about her.

Where are you from/why did you move to Manchester?

I’m born and bred in Manchester. I’m not far away from the Centre. I come from the Urmston area, so I’ve been in Manchester all my life.

What made you want to work for the MCRC?  

I was looking for a new challenge. I knew it was a multi occupancy building, with staff from The Christie, CRUK as well as the University so I knew it was going to be something a bit more interesting and I was quite intrigued as to how that role could develop. I wanted a job that was going to stretch me and open new doors.

What are the three words that describe your job?

  • Interpersonal: because you are there to meet, greet and help people.
  • Hospitable: because you are the first face people see.
  • Multitasking: as you need to be able to do all the behind the scenes tasks whilst also working with the public at the same time.

What’s your favourite part of the working day?

From the morning till the end - the whole day is important to me so there’s not any one part that I would call my favourite. I think because it’s so changeable each day, the only constant is starting and ending and everything else every day is different. But I do love meeting a variety of new people each day.

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