Guest Blog: ESTRO 37 Conference Highlights

MCRC had a huge presence at ESTRO 37 – the annual meeting of the European Society for Radiation Oncology – that was held this year in Barcelona in April.

One of our researchers, Ahmed Salem, gave us the lowdown with a little help from Corinne Faivre-Finn.


The Radiotherapy Related Research group was extremely well represented; the department in Manchester was nearly empty during the conference.


There was a varied mix of educational presentations, debates, research talks, poster discussions and poster presentations. The list was so big that our researchers had to prepare a timetable in advance of the conference to make sure they didn’t miss each other’s events! In total there were 57 poster and oral presentations, and two major prizes.



Corinne Faivre-Finn debated on the topic of radiotherapy dose intensification in lung cancer: ‘I have a dream’. Upcoming ESTRO president Umberto Ricardi referred to her as the ‘queen of SCLC’.



Tim Illidge’s talk about immunotherapy was so well attended that they had to open a second lecture hall, which was also packed – there is clearly a lot of interest in combination therapies!



Neil Bayman presented the results of a clinically informative phase III study in mesothelioma – the PIT trial – culmination of years and years of hard work.



Marcel van Herk used our best and brightest - Eliana Vasquez Osorio - to make a point (literally)!  Eliana herself spoke about the uncertainties of deformable dose accumulation.


Corinne Johnson, a PhD student, was awarded the Donal Hollywood Award for best abstract selected for presentation at ESTRO 37, which is chosen based upon clarity, supporting data, scientific rigour and potential significance.



The pinnacle of the conference was when she gave her talk to a large audience, presenting her work on the relationship between residual setup errors after image-guided radiotherapy, which showed a significant difference in overall survival between patients with residual errors which move the heart towards or away from the high dose region.

Poster presentations were given by...


Abigail Bryce-Atkinson,

Marianne Aznar,

and Alan McWilliam.



Some of our scientists and clinicians took advantage of a pre-conference course to improve their leadership skills and abilities. Not too sure what the inflatable duck is about! 



I was humbled to receive the Accuray ESTRO award for my research on oxygen-enhanced MRI in lung cancer patients: truly a team effort. 



At any conference, the social side is just as important – an opportunity to digest the science and make new friendships. The social dinner for Manchester delegates and friends, organized by Yee Pei Song, had a whopping turnout of around 60!



A few took part in a fun run for a good cause (can you spot the hypoxia?). 



With all the science and research there was also time to enjoy the Spanish sun..and some partying with Marcel et al. (pictures not included). 


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