Fundamental to the vision of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre as a world class cancer research centre is the availability of a large quantity of high quality biological samples for research purposes. The MCRC Biobank has been set-up to collect human samples from cancer patients in the Greater Manchester area and is fully licensed by the Human Tissue Authority.

Four trusts have drawn up agreements with The Christie to collect human samples for the Biobank at their respective hospitals. Biobank Technicians under contract with The Christie are assigned to each hospital.

The Biobank collects tissue, blood and other samples from patients who are undergoing an operation or procedure for a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of cancer. Samples from patients without cancer will also be collected so that researchers can compare samples with and without disease. These samples are then processed and stored for future use in cancer research projects.

The aim of the Biobank is to centralise and standardise collections allowing more efficient use of resources to ensure high quality sample collection and easy access of samples for research.

The MCRC Biobank has:

  • An established network model with existing infrastructure and pathways for sample collection
  • Excellent clinical engagement across all cancer disease types
  • A robust governance framework for tissue and data
  • A proven track record of providing quality samples