Booster Funding Application

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Following the UMRI Interdisciplinary Research Pump-prime Competition 2022-23, MMT-SEARCH was awarded funding to support seed funding or small pilot projects.

Manchester Cancer Research Centre will make a number of awards for existing or fully costed activities to support research collaborations with at least one of University of Melbourne or University of Toronto.

Programme overview

MMT-SEARCH has three Aims, with a cross-cutting Humanities research theme focusing on cancer economics, service delivery and social acceptance/implementation of technologies and to support policy research.

AIM 1. Understand Evolution and Trajectory of Cancers of UnMet Need

AIM 2. Use of Advanced Materials and Biomarkers in Cancer Early Detection (EDx).

Aim 3. AI and Machine Learning as Applied to Cancer


The award has several deliverables, which these pump-priming awards will contribute towards, therefore applications should describe which of the project deliverables below are addressed by your work:

  • Promote multidisciplinary research (including that driven by Allied Health Professional researchers) across precision medicine, early detection and outcome research programmes.
  • Increased understanding of hypotheses and potential joint applications for graduate student and translational research grants in complementary MMT pre-clinical and clinical research.
  • Inform and increase success in future funding applications with international pre-submission peer-review amongst MMT collaborators.
  • Align SOPs and best scientific practice across MMT.
  • Shared international training programmes across MMT for Research Fellows and PhD trainees
  • Opportunities for Early Career Researchers to visit and take advantage of local technologies, models, or datasets within MMT partners.
  • Set up an MMT cancer seminar programme and global classroom learning opportunities.
  • Drive a hybrid cancer research meeting in early 2024 to showcase strengths across MMT-SEARCH and highlight seed grant successes.
  • Explore opportunities for joint technology development and commercialisation based on validation in the MMT laboratories or across different countries’ health care systems.



Funding available

The overall pot is £10,000 and we will consider all reasonable requests, but we are looking to support as many projects as we are able to. With this in mind, the absolute ceiling of funding is £2,500, with awards typically much lower than this.



Applications are welcomed from academic colleagues representing all disciplines and career stages, including students on research pathways.

Applicants must be active in research or study at the University of Manchester for the duration of the grant and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to academic research if they are on a pathway.

If you are working on a project which is already partially funded, we would expect to hear from the lead investigator.


  • Staff costs (salaries) are ineligible costs.
  • Funding may be used for conference-related costs, such as fees or travel, but not general expenses.
  • Proposals must address at least one of the aims or cross cutting theme.
  • Applications should address plans for future research that will be developed as a result of this project.


Application process

The application form for this grant can be downloaded via this Word Document.

For further information about eligibility, selection process, and to submit your application form, please email

This is an ongoing open funding call with applications accepted throughout the year.

Download the MMT-SEARCH Booster Application Form (Word Doc. 1MB)

Page last updated: 14/09/2023

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