Any MCRC researchers who wish to use samples from the Biobank should first make an expression of interest to the MCRC Biobank Business Manager via phone or email (click here for contact details). This may be to find out whether the types of samples required are already in the bank and if not, how long it would take for the bank to collect these samples.

Any external researchers who wish to use the Biobank resource, will need to make a formal expression of interest (click here for contact details) detailing a summary of the research idea and types and numbers of samples required. From here, the MCRC Biobank will determine whether a formal application should be made.

To submit a formal application, each researcher will need to write a full scientific proposal using the MCRC Biobank Project Application Form. Please contact the Biobank for an electronic submission form.

Applications for Quality Control & Method Development

In addition to applications to the Biobank for research projects, the Biobank accepts applications for use of samples for QC and method development work. A separate application form should be completed for these studies - please contact the Biobank for an electronic submission form.

The MCRC Biobank Access Policy can be found here.